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Horizontal flow Packaging Machine (TP - 150)


Confectionery & Bakery Bread, Crackers Biscuits, Wafers and Chocolate Bars Pharmaceutical tablets, blister and crab bandages


Up to 150 BPM (Depends on Product and Paper Characteristics)

Pillow Shape

Any Heat Sealable

220v 50Hz Single Phase

4 KW 1.4 KW

300 mm x 300 mm

L 3000 x W 900 x H 1800 mm

76 mm

Approx 1200 kgs

The Horizontal Flow Packaging Machine is manufactured by Sama Engineering. Its purpose is to pack the products that are designed in a horizontal direction. For instance, confectionery and bakery bread, crackers, biscuits, wafers, and chocolate bars Pharmaceuticals Tablets, blister and crab bandages

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