Sama Engineering is the topmost leading manufacturers of high-quality heavy-duty machines in Pakistan. Sama Engineering is providing all types of packaging services plus supplying all kinds of food processing and different packaging machines that include numerous varieties. Pharmaceutical Line is one the widest category offered by Sama that has multiple ranges of series of other classified machines. This category is further divided into different series that are as follows: Blister Series, Tablet and Capsule series, Filling Series, Mixer/ Blender and Tray Dryer, Capping and Induction Series, Labelling Series, Cartoning Machine, Twin/ Multilane (Sachet Machine), Printer and Coder Series All of the above mentioned Series has a list of more machines. Despite using all of this new and outstanding range by Sama, almost every industry previously focuses on manual work, production, packing, finishing, etc. However, these innovatively ideal machines have made businesses more efficient and effective. Furthermore, the list of machines is below that these series have carried: Blister Series: This series contains, Automatic-blister packing machine (fb-140), DEBLISTNG MACHINE (DB - 07), DOUBLE - ALMUNIUM - FOIL (DAB - 150), Table Top DE-Blisting Machine Tablet and Capsule series This series contains: Counting Tablets / Capsules Machines: TC-2A, Counting Tablets/Capsules Machines: TC-4, Counting Tablets / Capsules Machines TC-8C, Automatic Capsule Filling Machine, Tablet Compression Machine, Tablet DE-Dusting Machine, Tablet Polishing Machine (Sorter Optional), Coating Pan Filling Series This series contains: DESICANT INSERTING MACHINE Dl-100, AUTOMATIC FILLING MACHINE SFM-6, Eye Drop Filling & Capping Machine ED-04, Tube Filling & Sealing Machine TFS-60, FILLING & CAPPING MACHINE SAMA 4DX, Automatic Powder Filler PF – 60, Bottle Filling Machine, FILLING & CAPPING MACHINE SAMA 4DX Mixer/ Blender and Tray Dryer This series contains: V-Blender VB-100, Ribbon Blender RB-100, Ointment Mixer OM – 100, TRAY DRYER, Double Cone Blender DC-100 Capping and Induction Series This series contains: Crawler Capping Machine SC-01, Rotary Capping Machine SC-03, Capping Machine SC-02, Induction Sealing INS – 01, Table Top Induction Sealing INS - T1 Labelling Series This series contains: ANY ROUND & FLAT OBJECT LABELLING MACHINE (LA-3), SLEEVES SHRINK LABELLING (SSL-75), Round Object Labelling Machine LA-1, Glue Labeling Machine GLA – 01, Flat Object Labelling Machine LA-2 Cartoning Machine This series contains: CASE PACKER CP-200, Case Sealer Pack C-100, Automatic Blister Cartoning Machine CM – 200, Automatic Cartoning Machine For Bottle CM - 100 Twin/ Multilane (Sachet Machine) This series contains: Multilane Machine 3L – AG, Sachet Multilane Machine Universal - SAMA 6L, Multilane Stick Packing Machine Universal - SAMA 10L, Twin Multilane Machine TW 3S-2L, Twin Multilane Machine TW 3S – V, Twin Multilane Machine TS - 101 – AG, Flow Wrap Machine TP – 150, BUNDILING SERIES TB - 150 Printer and Coder Series This series contains: MULTI HEAD PRINTERS SP – M, Single Head Printer Sp – 1, HANDY PRINTER NH – 3, HOT INK CODER DK - 110A, THERMAL TRANSFER PRINTER TTP – 03, MULTILANE PRINTER NS - 506M