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Sama Engineering has a variety of huge and heavy machines related to packaging and food processing, we are selling all around the country to our precious customers for the better growth of their business. Bakery series is a full range of bakery items preparing and packing machines. This series has a wonderful collection of advanced technology and automatic pus semi-automatic machines that are highly useful for the industries. However, many bakery items can be prepared without such heavy equipment but for large scale production, these machines play an extraordinary efficient role that enhances the business quality and producing bulk quantity at a rapid speed. Bakery Series has an amazing Namkeen Baking Machines that are highly useful for the production of many salty snacks that are usually known as Nimco in Pakistani tradition. This machine is an amazing structure that doesn’t consume any electric power and ability to produce 50 – 200 kg of the product in a day. This machine is easy to handle and wash hence its maintenance requires less effort. Bread Slicer Machine is also one of the amazing machines among the huge collection of Sama Engineering. This machine can cut the bread slices into equal and accurate shapes and sizes without any damage and designed with such features that it keeps the freshness and quality maintained throughout the whole process. Along with this machine bread making machine is also very efficient and useful for quickly baking bread at a rapid speed. There are more machines in this category’s list that are as follows: Planetary mixer, Dough Divider Rounder, Dough Divider Rounder Spiral, Dough Rest Machine, Dumpling Machine, Electrical Rotary Rack Oven, Encrusting Machine, Laddu Making Machine, Rasgulla, and Gulab Jamun Making Machine, Twin Color Cookies, Biscuit Making Machine, Dough Sheeter, and Egg Cracking Machine. All of the above-mentioned machines are manufactured to provide efficiency and control the cost of labor and electricity.

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