Direct Puff/Core-Filled Snack Line

Direct Puff/Core-Filled Snack Production Line is useful for the production of the crispy puffs and mouth-watering filled snacks using its authentic recipe with high quality ingredients without labor load in less time.

pop plant puff plant pop snacks puff plant

Breakfast Cereal/Corn Flake Processing Line

Breakfast Cereal &Corn Flakes is a newly popular instant food. Longer storage time...

flake cereal corn flake wheat flake breakfast cereal

Bread Crumb/Panko/Tempura Line

To maintain the taste and quality of bread crumbs/ panko/ tempura, Sama Engineering introduced a heavy-duty but simple technical machine that saves time and results in an outclass final product.

Bread Crumb Tempura Panko

Cheetos Kurkure Nik Nak Processing Line

Cheetos, Kurkure & Nik Nak are the cheese flavored snacks produced using this Cheetos Kurkure Nik Nak Processing Line Machine. This procedure...

Cheetos Kurkure Nik Na

Doritos / Tortilla / Corn Chip Processing Line

Corn Chip Processing Line uses corn as the main ingredient to enhace the corn line production services and produces corn chips as per the demand. It has yummilicious taste. Get this machinery for your industry at reasonable price.

Flat Triangular chips Tortilla Doritos Corn Chip

Fried Wheat Flour Processing Line

Those industries that assure the best hygiene quality of snacks, this fried wheat flour processing line will be an appropriate choice for them. It works efficiently step by step for healthy results.

bugles chips wheat processing line wheat flour processing line wheat bran cosmo shell chips crispy shell processing line chitato snacks

2D & 3D Pellet / Fryum Processing Line

Snacks are in demand among the young generation thus for its making, none other than 2D & 3D Fryum Pallet Processing Line works more efficiently than this. It will give results beyond the required accuracy.

bugles chips wheat flour processing line snacks pellets potatoes pellets

Popcorn Processing Line

This production line is a whole automatic process line for expanding

salted popcorn Cramel popcorn cheese pop corn

Potato Chips / French Fries Line

This process line is to produce freshly fried potato chips

potato sticks compound potatoes chips lays chips

Pet Food / Animal Feed Line

This processing line is specially designed to produce pet daily and healthy food,

High Moisture TVP / TSP / Soya Protien Line

This process line uses soybean meal or wheat gluten as main raw materials

Nuts Roaster Line

Nuts Roasting Line is a series of processing nuts for final output as roasted ones with the guarantee of quality and freshness maintenance. It brings the delicate taste in a short span of time.