Direct Puff/Core-Filled Snack Line

Direct puff and core-filled snack use wheat flour, bean powder, tuber crops material, vegetable powder as the raw material.

Breakfast Cereal/Corn Flake Processing Line

Breakfast Cereal &Corn Flakes is a newly popular instant food. Longer storage time...

Bread Crumb/Panko/Tempura Line

Bread crumb is commonly used for the products that need fried,...

Cheetos Kurkure Nik Nak Processing Line

Cheetos is brand of cheese-flavored, puffed cornmeal snacks,

Doritos / Tortilla / Corn Chip Processing Line

Doritos was produced since 1964 and sell all over the world.

Fried Wheat Flour Processing Line

Fried wheat flour snacks machine is for processing dough with wheat

2D & 3D Pellet / Fryum Processing Line

With our segment screw technology to ensure the precise control during p

Popcorn Processing Line

This production line is a whole automatic process line for expanding

Potato Chips / French Fries Line

This process line is to produce freshly fried potato chips

Pet Food / Animal Feed Line

This processing line is specially designed to produce pet daily and healthy food,

High Moisture TVP / TSP / Soya Protien Line

This process line uses soybean meal or wheat gluten as main raw materials

Nuts Roaster Line

Widely Applied Raw Material: Peanuts, Chestnut, Almond, Cashew,