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2D & 3D Pellet / Fryum Processing Line


Flour Mixer → Automatic feeder Twin screw extruder → (v with Cooling Tower. Water injector) → Pattern machine → Compounding Machine Lifter Recycling Dryer → Continuous Fryer → De-oiler → Flavouring Line

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Model: SAM-NR

With our segment screw technology to ensure the precise control during production, you can have a multiple choice to use different materials to make higher quality, multiple types pellet This line can use wheat flour, corn starch, potato starch, whole potato flour as raw material. Through screw extruding, it shapes various types of shape, through drying, frying and flavouring, it makes puffed leisure snacks with the crispy, tasty mouthfeel, smooth surface, and different vivid shapes.

Production Process Line:

  • Flour Mixer 
  • Automatic Feeder
  • Double Screw Extruder ( With Cooling Tower, Water Injector)
  • Pattern Machine
  • Compounding Machine
  • Lifter
  • Recycling Dryer
  • Continuous Fryer
  • De-oiler
  • Flavouring Line



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