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It is used for sleeve labeling with shrink on round, elliptical, square, and curve-type bottles.


12000 bottle per/hour




PET, PP, PE, PVC, OPS, etc.



1000 kg


  • Cutter frame assembly: built-in blade, deflected steel structure, used to cut label shrink film;
  • Drive the label feeding mechanism: controlled by a servo motor, so that the label shrink film is transported according to the predetermined size;
  • Center column device: the label shrink film is sleeved into the center column to spread so that the label shrink film can be conveyed and cut;
  • Photoelectric switch frame assembly: use the photoelectric switch to transmit the signal, and provide the signal to the control system to make the label shrink film to be transported in a certain size.
  • Rack and height-adjusting mechanism: The whole machine is made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, which is used to support the main engine and the fixed conveying mechanism, and adjust the height of the driving bid-delivering mechanism according to the height of the bottle;
  • Label supply mechanism: It is used to fix the label shrink film and control the tension of the label shrink film feeding. It is fed by the conveying roller and the deceleration motor to transmit the label shrink film.
  • Bottle-separating screw mechanism: The bottles that need to be sleeved are conveyed by the screw at a fixed distance, so that the bottles can be separated at equal distances, so as to facilitate the insertion of labels;
  • Conveying mechanism: use the frequency converter to adjust the speed of the conveyor belt to match the speed suitable for the production capacity of the machine to convey the bottles;
  • Brush-down mechanism: The synchronous adjustment mechanism is adopted, and the conveying roller is adjusted to be in slight contact with the roller under the central column. When the label passes through, it is projected and sleeved into the bottle at a high speed.
  • Photoelectric frame assembly for bottles: it can be adjusted left and right, up and down, to sense the position of the bottle and output signals, so that the host can automatically set the label correctly;
  • Brush mechanism: use soft rubber to position the label sleeve into the bottle under the brush;
  • Man-machine interface control box: It is the control center of the machine, and each operation display page is divided into manual, automatic, setting, monitoring, fault description, etc. In addition, several knobs and buttons are used for other operations.
  • Shrinking furnace: Use the heat energy of steam to shrink the label sleeve into the bottle and evenly attach it to the bottle.

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