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Round Object Labelling Machine LA-1


It is used for round-type, elliptical-type, square-type, and curve-type bottles.


40-120 per/min






50 HZ 220V 530W


185 kg

about 180kg

  1. Fully Automatic Labelling Machine:


  • Applies to the various items attached to the upper surface of labels or adhesive film, such as Bottles, Vials, etc., suitable for replacing scale mechanisms covering uneven surface labeling, the product is widely used in Round Labeling, and the size range of large round object class labeling.


  • Optional printer or inkjet printer head to the labeling can be realized on the label printing production date, batch, and print barcodes. And other information.


  • Optional inkjet printer to a conveyor belt can be realized before or after labeling the product and printing production date, batch number, bar code, and other information.




  1. Application:
  • For labels: self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive film, electronic supervision code, bar code, etc.
  • Applicable products: Requirements in the plane, a large curvature surface, or membrane-attached label products.
  • Industry: Widely used in printing, stationery, food, daily chemical, electronics, pharmaceutical, and other industries.
  • Application: flat labeling books, folders, labeling, packaging, labeling boxes, plates labeling, and so on.


  1. Working Process:

    Core Working principle: The sensor detects the product passes the signal returned to the labeling control systems, signal processing through the PLC, sent at the appropriate time on the product label attached to the set position, the product flows through the overlying standard device label securely covered, a label attached to the action is completed. Procedure: Put the product (which can be accessed line) -> Products delivery (automatically) -> Product correct (automatically) -> Product Testing (automatically) -> Labeling (automatically) -> follow standard (automatically) -> Collect the labeling products.

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