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Sama Engineering is leading all over in Pakistan as the number one machine manufacturer and packaging service provider. It has an outstanding and valuable collection of industrial level high tech machines that are highly popular among all the industrialists in the entire country. Snack Processing Line is one of the best categories of machines Sama Engineering has launched, it consists of numerous machines that are specifically designed and manufactured for the production of multiple varieties of snacks in a bulk quantity with high-quality original ingredients within a neat and clean environment. There are twelve different types of snacks that can be processed through this category using their respective and appropriate machines for exceptionally amazing results. Cheese balls are the commonly used snack which is popular among young age group and other puffed snacks also fall in this type of snacks that can be manufactured using the Puff Core-Filled Processing Snack Line. These cereals are made under the step by step complete procedure of Breakfast Cereal/Corn Flake Processing Line machine with complete care of hygiene maintenance. Cheetos is a well-known snack brand that is a combination of cheese and cornmeal. After the making, drying, and frying of the snacks, it is now ready to give a required flavor in the Cheetos Kurkure Nik Nik Processing Line. Doritos, Chips Processing Line is a machine used to prepare delicious Doritos chips. This machine is automatic and has built-in flexible features. Bread Crumb Line is useful for producing bread crumbs that are fresh and genuine in quality. This machine is based on the latest and simple techniques. Snacks made by flour are processed by flour snacks processing line at a rapid speed. Fryum processing line is the best for giving accurate shapes to the snacks while frying step of the ongoing snacks production process. Popcorn and potato chips processing lines are the high-quality machines that are used in industries on an increasing demand to produce divine, crunchy, and scrumptious popcorns or corn chips, potato chips, or French fries with the guarantee of the hygiene respectively. Animal food can also be prepared through this series of categories by using the ultimate quality animal feed line. TSP/ TVP Line is also a part of this category that are used to process the meat and vegetables. Nut Roasting Machine is used as a roasting agent for making premium quality roasted nuts in a bulk quantity and amazing quality.

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