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Biscuit Line / Biscuit Making Machine


It can make creamy biscuits, hard biscuits, soft biscuits, and Center Jam-filled biscuits.


Round-shaped biscuits, square-shaped biscuits, rectangular-shaped biscuits, triangle-shaped biscuits, oval-shaped biscuits, alphabet-shaped biscuits, star-shaped biscuits, flower-shaped shape biscuit and much more

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  • The main raw material is wheat biscuit flour, then sugar, oil, eggs, dairy products and other accessories.
  • Depending on the formulation and production process, the sweet biscuits and cookies can be divided into two categories: biscuits.
  • Biscuit is characterized by a more concave-shaped impression on the flower needle surface.
  • Products smooth surface, cross-section structure level, there is a sense of time chewing crunchy, chewy.
  • Cookie: wheat flour, sugar, oil as the main raw material, adding a leavening agent, and other accessories. The cold powder technology blending flour, roll, roll printing or punch, baked into a convex shape, mostly flowers, with a cross-sectional structure, rendered porous tissue a loose texture of baked goods. Such as butter cookies, congaing crackers, sesame crackers, eggs, biscuit and so on.
  • Biscuit: wheat flour, sugar, and oil as the main raw materials; adding osteoporosis agents, modifiers and other materials; the heat transfer process; powder pink; roll; roll cutting or printing; graphic baking; mostly concave appearance; smooth surface; there is a needle; section layered; crunchy baked goods. Such as milk cake, vanilla cake, egg flavor cake, pie, Mary, and Boston cake.
  • A completely new-style biscuit machine with reliable quality, automated production, and the production of various kinds of biscuit molds customized according to your needs Butter cookies, thin biscuits, Oreo biscuits, milk cookies, animal crackers, vegetable biscuits, etc.
  • Biscuit production line Combined freely according to the condition of the customer's workshop space and the requirements of biscuit technology. 
  • This production line uses imported electric components, and its speed is changed by frequency conversion.
  • They save energy and are dependable and controlled, single or combined.

Raw materials:

Wheat flour, water, milk, sugar, oil, etc. as ingredients.

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