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Dumpling, wonton,samosa,spring roll,fried dumpling,Lace dumpling,Flat dumpling,quadrate dumpling automatically, just by changing the molds.

Machine Detail:

You need not to buy the wrapper machine, just put the paste and the stuffing into the machine, it can make the dumpings automatically. So it is very economic and practical. It is suitable for dumpling restaurant, food supplier, hotel, dining hall, Canteens and individual caterings, especially for instant frozen dumpling suppliers. The stuffing of these finished products can be all kinds of 100% meats, all kinds of 100% vegetables and mixture of meat and vegetable. It is suitable for all kinds of filling of dumplings, such as meat filling , meat dishes mixed filling, whole turnip filling. Dumpling shape is beautiful. Finished products can be boiled, steamed, fried and processed into frozen food.


Samosa Forming Machine is composed of dough-rolling system, wrapper-making system, stuffing-filling system, dumpling-forming system and transmission system.

1. It can make different shapes ( dumplings, lace dumplings, fried dumplings, spring roll, samosa, wonton and four winds dumplings ) and other shapes by changing the molds.

2. The dumpling wrapper thickness and dumpling stuffing quantity made by the dumpling machine both can be adjusted.

3. The contact surface between dumpling machine and dumplings all adapt professional materials to ensure the health. The dumpling machine has characteristics of anti-caking, low resistance, easy cleaning, etc.

4. This dumpling machine can make high quality dumplings, which is with very thin wrapper and plenty of stuffing. The dumplings are not easy to be broken when you braise or boil it.

5. The material adopts bond breaker, so it can make perfect dumpling shapes easily as you need.

6. Packet assemble and disassemble easily and convenient to clean.

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