Halwa Making Machine

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  • Dimension :

    L=2050XW=1150XHeight =1200
  • Production capacity :

    80 ltr
  • Weight of machine :

  • Thickness :

  • Length :

  • Width :

  • Height :

  • Bowl capacity diameter of bowl :

    100cm depth 33cm


Halwa, Besan, Atta, All Burfi's Mysorepak Mung Halwa, Karachi Halwa, Tirunveli Halwa,Mohanthal etc.

Top to bottom S.S.304/anodized parts

Inbuilt High Capacity Gas Burner with flow control

Machine can be tilted for removing material

Easy locking mechanism for kadai while tilting

Huge Saving of gas & heat due to extra cover on kadai

Life time no lubricating/greasing require

In built Ac Drive for controlling rotation speed

Castor Mounted for easy movement

Machine Detail:

Halwa machine, introduced in the range of machines by Sama engineering, bakes while stirring material. Halwa Machine consists of two agitator arms that continuously turn, bake, twist and shake material in the attached bowl. Baking is carried on evenly by halwa machine. It can additionally be used as a mixing machine in order to mix different materials, liquids slurry etc.

 It can bake every type of Halwa including, Mungh-halwa, Karachi halwa, Tirunelveli Halwa, Bombay Halwa, ice halwa, besan atta and all types of burfi, mysorepak, mohanthal, kajubite, Jelly, Slurry, Dalpinni, Dodhabarfi, mava making etc. 

We are dedicatedly engaged in manufacturing and exporting a unique range of Halwa Making Machine (Steam) that is widely used in various industries including restaurants, hotels, sweets outlets, bakery and confectionary

This machine is mainly useful for baking almost all kinds of halwa like Karachi halwa, tirunelveli halwa, mung halwa, ice halwa, besan, atta, Bombay halwa and all types of burfi, mohanthal, kajubite, mysorepak, Slurry, Dalpinni, Jelly, Dodhabarfi, Mava, etc. Based on the principle of baking while stirring, this machine is fabricated with utmost precision utilizing quality proven components


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