Clients Bags

  • Power supply :

  • Production capacity :

  • Size :

    1250mm x 600mm x 1360mm
  • Weight of machine :

  • Remark :

    flat surface label
  • Applicable for :

    Any flat object

Machine detail:

1.Applicable to paste adhesive sticker on the upper-planes of the products which are from food, daily use chemical, medicine, stationery, and other industries;
 2.Wide application range that it could be used to paste adhesive sticker on the planes of objects or label them, as well as those which have uneven surfaces with the label-pressing mechanism being changed;
3.Strong and durable with the use of three-lever adjustment mechanism which makes full use of the stability of the triangle; Easy and timesaving to replace different objects; 
4.Intelligent control and automatic photoelectric tracking with functions of cancelling labeling work without objects there, auto correction without labels to use and automatic    check for labels to avoid omitting or wasting labels.

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