Dough Divider Rounder(Spiral)

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  • Dimension :

    1350 x 430 x 93D
  • Production capacity :

  • Weight of machine :

  • Voltage :

  • Main motor :

  • Production efficiency :



It divides the dough in equal parts and Make a ball shape (round)

SAMA-SBDR  dough making machine is suitable for producing dough buns, 

which is consistent with national food machinery, food hygiene regulations and requirements. 
this small dough balls maker machine is widely used in organization, school dining room, steamed bread processing unit.

Machine Detail:

Dough divider rounder spiral machine of Sama Engineering can divide the steamed bread.

1. SAMA-SBDR dough making machine is the original steamed bread shaping machine , 

the machine is suitable for  dividing and rounding dough into balls by water with wheat flour ,additives and others food materials.

2.The product of high transmission efficiency, compact structure, easy to adjust, security, reliable.

3.Is especially suitable for processing flour bread, forming a bun, smooth appearance, food taste sweet. 
4. On a basis of adopting the advantages of the like machines, the dough divider/steamed bread molding machine is produced with unique design.

5.The food produced by this machine shows good color, regular and sleek shape, and also tasted fragrant and sweet.

6.It has characters of high efficiency and compact structure. The size of the finished products can be adjusted easily and three molding-dies can be chosen.

7.Clutch as the weight controlling part is more reliable, safer and more convenient to be maintained and operated.

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