Dough Divider Rounder

Clients Bags

  • Dimension :

    680*730*2050 MM
  • Weight of machine :

    340 KG
  • Power :

    0.75 Kw
  • Divisions :



It divides the dough in equal parts and make a ball shape (round)

Machine Detail:

In Dough Divider Rounder Machine of sama engineering, dough is divided in equal parts and round shaped balls are made.

Machines for dough processing like dividers, rounder, moulders or even automatic proofers have been designed to save time and bring comfort and productivity to bakers.

The dough divider & rounder is Semi-Automatic design

The DDR is a machine for dividing and rounding dough.Manual dividing and motorized rounding on 
oscillating platform.This equipment merges in the same cycle the operations of dividing and rounding.
Operation is simple and one operator is needed to turn out up to 2800pc./hr.  

 1.Divides and round the dough to 30/36 equal pieces automatically.  
 2.You can adjust the dough from 25g-100g according to your need. 
 3.Divides and round the dough within 10 seconds. Improve working efficiency and save labour. It have three trays.

 4.Perfectly scales and rounds pieces 
 5.PVC moulding plate
 6.No oil in or above product zone
 7.Easy snap on and off head cover for easy cleaning 
 8. Reasonable design,uniform and complete dividing.
 9. Manual dividing,easy to operate.Even rounding for buns.
10. Improving work efficiency,saving cost.
11.Realize dividing and rounding of the paste at the same time. 


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