Clients Bags

  • Power supply :

  • Power consumption :

  • Dimension :

    1600mm x 750mm x 1780mm
  • Production capacity :

    50~120 bottles/minute
  • Weight of machine :

    250 Kg
  • Remark :

    Automatically adjust heights
  • Applicable for :

    Round,Flat round,Square,flat Square,Bottles
  • Applicable desiccant :

    Coil desiccants,Determine the size of the Desiccan

Machine Detail:

Good For Coil driers of color identify symbol or non-symbol.

Accuate Control of pouch length
Use Pre-desiccant pouch design to avoid pouch transmission uneven and ensure the accuracy of pouch length control..
No breakage of the desiccants

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