4 nozzles filling machine

Clients Bags

  • Speed :

    3800 pcs/ hoirs
  • Power supply :

    1 Phase ,2 Line ,AC 220V/50HZ
  • Dimension :

    L 1575 x W 1985 H 1930
  • Total power :

  • Air :

    Max Air Consumption 0.6m3/ Min

    Machine Detail:

1)Automatic spout pouch filling and capping machine is suitable for liquid or semi-liquid,such as packing jelly, soy milk, yoghourt, mineral water, juice, ice cream, edible oil, seasoning, scour, laundry detergent etc;
2)This is a full automatic production line with such processes as automatic pouch-loading, vacuuming, fixed-position filling, nitrogen flushing, clean spout, cap feeding and inserting, capping (applying magnetic adjusting torque for rather stability), discharging;
3)This machine can be connected CIP cleaning syetem, PLC control and touch screen system, air-purifying system, safeguard switch, glass cover. All of these functions can be added or removed according to the clients' requirements.

4. This unit is newly designed specialty equipment for the purpose to the diminutive volume filling and sealing of cup-shaped jelly and pudding. Provided with two filling method: fixed quantity and self flowing. Additional option for automatic pulp-adding device as per clients request. 
5. High-speed fully automatic filling and sealing process right from cup feeding, filling , sealing , photoelectric pattern emendation, cutting to final output. 
6. The machine is equipped with worldwide famous electric and pneumatic components made in Germany , Japan etc.
Can optional  for PLC control system and code printer according to clients requirement.
7. Most of the outer surfaces of this machine are made of stainless steel which accords with the foodstuff sanitation standards.

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