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2 Sided Labelling Machine (LA-3)


The machine can simultaneously achieve double-sided circumferential surface labeling features to satisfy any shape of the bottle.





30-80 pec/mint


50 HZ, 220V, 1220W


The machine can simultaneously achieve double-sided circumferential surface labeling and labeling features to satisfy flat bottles, square bottles, and bottle-shaped single-sided and double-side labeling, the entire circumference of the cylindrical body, half labeling, widely used cosmetics industry, and the daily chemical industry

For labels: self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive film, electronic supervision code, bar code, etc.
Applicable products: require the side plane, side sweeping surface, and the circumferential surface attached to the label. Industry: widely used in cosmetics, daily chemicals, electronics, pharmaceuticals, metals, plastics, and other industries.
Application examples: Head & Shoulders shampoo flat bottle labeling, Shell Lubricants flat bottle labeling, labeling, and fresh wine.

Core Working Principle: The sensor detects the flat or round bottle after the bottle to return the signal to the labeling control system. The control system in place to control the motor sends the label and attached flat bottle or round bottle labeling products to the subject position. Through the overlying unit, the label affixed to the product coated on a label attached to the action is completed.
Procedure: put the product (which can be accessed line) -> Product delivery -> Products minutes away -> Product Guide is -> Labeling (device automatically) -> Cover Standard -> Collect the labeling products

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