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V-Blender VB-100


It is used for blending food products, such as milk powder, coffee, dry flavors, etc


1250-5500 x 450-13-- x 1060-4380mm

160 kg - 3200 kg



20-2500 kg

0-99 min


20- 5 r/min


V-Blender VB-100 has a unique structure and built-in advanced features that blend the ingredients efficiently to produce high-quality final products. The products that are manufactured with this machine include powder milk powder, coffee, dry flavors, etc.


Main Features

  • The blending vessel has no dead areas due to its design. It includes two inspection hatches and a discharge butterfly valve.
  • The motor is attached directly to the shaft, eliminating the need for driving belts or chains, thus reducing machine maintenance operations and noise.
  • The electrical control panel and mechanical drive system are housed inside the self-standing support legs.
  • The machine is equipped with a CE-compliant protection structure surrounding the working area. The structure frame is constructed from round tubular stainless steel, and the protection panels are constructed from Lexan. Access to the blending vessel is through a hinged gate equipped with a safety switch, interrupting the operation of the equipment when opened.
  • The standard system includes an electric control panel with an inverter and potentiometer for controlling blending speed, a display showing the number of rotations, and a timer to set the blending time. Options for touch-screen controls with recipe management are available.

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