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Sachet Multilane Machine Universal


This sachet multilane machine is used for four-sided seal sachets for packing oil, soap,Detergent,Honey,Chemical,All all liquids,  grains, and powders.


Up to 70 beat/min, upto 600 bags/min

380V 50Hz

19 KW


2400 x 2490 x 2270mm

1-60ml (0.5-30 gram)

Length (55-160mm)

Width (35-120mm)

Plastic/ Aluminum/Paper/Plastic composite flim


Approx 2700 Kgs



An automatic multi-lane sachet packaging machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, dairy, chemical and other industries.

Free-flow powder products: sugar, concentrated drink powder, energy drink powder, spice powder, seasoning powder, pharmaceutical powder, pesticides, etc.

The methods of longitudinal sealing, transverse sealing, filling, embossing, dotted line cutting, and transverse cutting can be adjusted through the manual interface of the sachet pouch packing machine.

You can select a single lane, 2 lanes, 6 lanes, 8 lanes, 10 lanes, and 12 lanes of automatic powder filling for the machine.

Features of Multi-Lane Powder Sachet Packing Machine

  • Multi-lane filling at the same time, increasing the production capacity
  • The high degree of automation: bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, heating, date/lot printing number achieved in one time
  • PLC and photoelectric control system
  • Accurate filling and sealing, minimal deviation
  • 304 stainless steel contact part
  • Compact the requirement of GMP
  • Easy to operate, adjust and maintain
  • Adjusting pouch length without changing the mold
  • Sealing a wide range of films with settable processing parameters
  • Advanced performance, low noise, and compact structure
  • Extra functions are available: choose a dotted line knife, flat cutting knife or abnormal-shaped knife for sachet cutting; choose embossing (hard batch); or choose an ink wheel printer for printing. According to the material properties, it can be extra equipped with feeding mouth lifting mechanism, vibration, etc. the matching of kinds of alarm requirements and so on

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