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Induction Sealing INS - 01


It is used for the aluminum foil sealing of all kinds of round, square, and special-shaped bottles for foods,medicines,cosmetics,daily chemicals,etc.


0-280 bottles pwe/min


15-60 / 30-121 mm Sealing Diameter

Ac220V 50/60 Hz 4500W

Approx 75 Kg


Induction Aluminum Foil Cop Sealing Machine: Basically, magnetic induction sealing is a non-contact cap sealing operation. The bottles to be sealed are fed through a c- conveyor. When the bottles reach the electronic-magnetic field, they are magnetized through an electronic magnetic induction heating effect. The aluminum foil is quickly heated to the desired temperature. The content of the bottles is not induced by the electronic magnet. field, but the heat seal film with aluminum foil attached to the cap (such as the approved inner seal) is. When the aluminum foil is heated by the coil of the induction cap sealing machine, the heat is then transferred to the heat seal film, which quickly reaches the melting point, and becomes an adhesive to bond the cap foil and

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