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Fully Automatic Vaccum Dates packing machine


A wide range of products can be thermoforming vacuum packaged, including food, industrial products, consumer goods, medical instruments. It is very suitable for packaging snack food, fresh meat, poultry, bakery and pasta products, and chilled prepared foods, Fresh fruits and vegetables in the food industry.


12 KW 8KW

2200KG 1950KG

6000x950x1860mm 4300x780x1760mm

380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz

393-394mm 293-294mm

422mm 322mm




This machine is based on thermoforming technology, which heats and forms the bottom of the package from a roll of plastic film which is a multi-layer co-extruded film. Different working sections work simultaneously, making the procedure fast and fewer defects.

This machine is highly integrated with package forming, manual loading area, vacuum, sealing, printing, trimming. It reduces the risk of contacting the insanitary source.


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