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Automatic Cartoning Machine For Bottle

CM - 100

It is used for cartoning all types of bottles used in beverages, chemicals, commodities, food, and machines.


Up to 80 Carton per/min


(80-250) × (90-170) mm (L×W)

Between (250-350)g/m2


0.6 MPa

<70 db

(1-4) Fold



2700mm×1140mm×1800mm (L×W×H)



<70 dB

This equipment is a new model developed based on integrated domestic and foreign Vanguard technology. It is a high-technology product that incorporates pneumatic-photo-electro-mechanics, which improves by large the performance of equipment and working efficiency, realizes encasing fast, and keeps running steady and reliable when fast running.

This machine is suitable for automatic feeding bottles. Online bottle unscrambling and feeding,

leaflet fold (1-4folds) and feeding, leaflet detection, canton opening and forming, products and leaflets pushing into cartons, printing batch numbers, and sealing cartons with a tuck-in or hot melt glue device. Automatically reject lacking leaflets or products and finish production.

Functions and options:
• The cartooning machine includes an automatic station to form the cartons. The carton boxes are held by vacuum
• No suction carton because of the missing bottle
• No suction carton due to a missing leaflet
• Automatically displaying device for troubleshooting, speed, and finished products counting
• The machine stops running if there are no products or an incorrect position of products. And stop automatically if the incorrect position of the product in the carton after return or no cartons or leaflets are continuous.
• Adopt a human-machine operation system

• An international brand of electric components such as PLC touch screens, frequency inverters, etc.

• Stable performance; operation is easy Controls

• Product presence detection sensor

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