Snacks are the most liked eatery, especially among children. Probably the most popular in Pakistan. It is an item that is sold 24/7. Given the demand, it is highly needed that this item is produced at a very high rate. And for this purpose, you need machines that are capable of carrying the burden of huge production on its shoulders. Sama Engineering is doing the job just right for you. Because no one can understand the importance of snacks better than we do, and most of the industries have their complete trust in us. Because they have already tested us and checked us by assigning us the most difficult of the tasks, and to their surprise, we have never disappointed them once. We also believe that anything that we eat should be free from any kind of impurities because even the tiniest particle of dirt remaining can cause serious health issues. If you make the right decision by choosing us then you will not only earn a good name for yourself but you will also find a ground in the industry to stay firm for a prolonged time. The choice again rests in your hands.and it is up to you what kind of output you are looking for. If you are eyeing something really big then you may not find anyone better than us because we got a majority at our back who have countless reasons for believing in us. As they know we have never disheartened them in the past and we will never do it in the future as well. First of all, trust comes when you continuously prove yourself, and that is what we have done with our customers and this is the reason we have earned much respect in the industry by now.


Kurkure making machine is probably one of its kind and makes kurkure chips most clearly, and it can clean and produce chips at a faster rate. It can handle a load of intense production too easily. Our engineers know it right and can install the components of the machine just the way they need to be. Not every machine is the same and so this one needs different kinds of maintenance, and its operation is also different from other machines. But let us tell you that it is a very useful one and can drive you out of crisis too quickly whenever you find yourself stuck in tough situations. Our machines are totally reliable and extremely significant when it comes to hitting your impossibly seemed targets. But we got you covered and will surely come to your help whenever you call us. You must know the basics to use the machine or you may put yourself in danger and it also wouldn’t take long before you will have to decide to buy the new one just because you didn’t have enough knowledge and you caused it to break, or accidentally made a mistake of not using it properly, so it malfunctioned at last, and you had to pay a heavy amount for that little mistake of yours. When we sell the machine, we always hold an introductory session in which we tell you about how to best operate it, and what measures should be taken to avoid any malfunctioning. You may ask us a million questions regarding the machine and we will answer you politely on the matter. As we know very well how to keep good care of our customers.

We have the idea that these machines are very expensive and therefore you cannot buy them in bulk. So, what you can do is save enough money to buy a new brand machine because just the inclusion of one machine can solve a lot of your production needs if you are low on budget. Our advice to you would be to focus on the quality rather than quantity, As even if you produce 100 packs in place of 500 packs while maintaining the good quality then we believe you have done a great job as you never let your name down. And you strived hard to get where you were supposed to be. The best way to have quality checked is by doing the survey internally first by asking your employees to taste it and tell what they think about the kurkure chips, and if the majority of them say they are satisfied then you are good to go on mass production. Success is hidden in the work that is continuous and which never stops for a longer time, and if you can keep it going then you can meet the ends without much effort. We are always willing to give you the best suggestion so you are readily aware of all the pros and cons that can occur while working. We will make you tough so that you can survive on your own in the market that could be too challenging for you.