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Understanding Snack Processing Systems and Spice Packaging Machines 

Stages of a Snack Processing System: From Raw Materials to Quality Control A snack processing system is a set of equipment and machinery used in the food industry to manufacture various types of snacks. Snacks can include chips, extruded snacks, nuts, popcorn, and other similar products. A typical snack processing system consists of several stages, including: Raw material handling and preparation: This involves the sorting, cleaning, and conditioning of raw materials such as grains, corn,... Read More

Kurkure Machine 

Snacks are the most liked eatery, especially among children. Probably the most popular in Pakistan. It is an item that is sold 24/7. Given the demand, it is highly needed that this item is produced at a very high rate. And for this purpose, you need machines that are capable of carrying the burden of huge production on its shoulders. Sama Engineering is doing the job just right for you. Because no one can understand the importance of snacks better than we do, and most of the industries have... Read More

Introduction to Snack Processing System 

Sama Engineering is always busy in producing some top-quality food processing machines. This is why it is so well known in the industry. Because our mission is to turn impossible into possible. And we are always keen to bring innovation in the machines so everything can be done efficiently and quickly while giving out the best quality. So, if we ever receive any complaint regarding the machine then we have to restructure our whole strategy. Only because we can’t compromise on the quality.... Read More

Introduction of Popcorn Production Line – Snack Processing Systems 

This production line is a whole automatic process line for expanding American corn granule into different shapes, learned from American advanced technology, combine high temperature and hot air circulation system to make high heat efficiency, low production cost, easy operation, then get perfect popcorn, after coating caramel, the taste is very popular with all kinds of people. This popcorn production equipment line uses forward expelling technology by Sama manufacturing process, can... Read More

Introduction of Direct Puff and Core-Filled Snack Line 

  The puffed and core filled snack production line is making use of corn flour, rice flour, wheat flour, corn grits as primary raw material and add water, sugar as ingredients. By changing screw, mold, and some additional equipment, it can produce puffed snacks and also core filled snacks. By injecting cream, chocolate, peanut butter, etc. to the extruded hollowed roll to make many flavors of sandwich meals. The puff snack line can produce many shapes of puffed food, such as... Read More