This production line is a whole automatic process line for expanding American corn granule into different shapes, learned from American advanced technology, combine high temperature and hot air circulation system to make high heat efficiency, low production cost, easy operation, then get perfect popcorn, after coating caramel, the taste is very popular with all kinds of people.

This popcorn production equipment line uses forward expelling technology by Sama manufacturing process, can produce the popcorn with caramel coating and a yummy taste to meet the increasing market demands. It has high heating performance, low running cost and strong flexibility have earned good praise and favor from the public.

Key features of Caramel Popcorn Production Line:

  1. Heating system equipped with advanced temperature control and display equipment to assure stable drying and high heating efficiency.
  1. The variable speed drive motor adopts the steady and reliable variable frequency speed regulation and steps less speed adjusting system.
  1. Low power, low running cost, less machine maintenance.
  1. Strong adaptability, excellent products quality.
  1. High automation degree and labor-saving.

Steps of Popcorn Processing Line:

Popcorn machine uses to feed the corns beans on the space then, starts here: operator loads the corn kernel into floor hopper, bucket elevator delivers corn as needed to the popper, operate to the air popper and removes un-popped and under-sized popped kernels. The both ways to use either for caramel popcorns or savory popcorns.

Exit end-View:

A couple of lines for Savory and caramel, go for the caramel for this article. Popped corn is warmed in a Floor Hopper until it is delivered to the caramel Ketter or Coater. Each premix kettles is fitted with a high-speed impeller mixer and a low-speed, scraped-wall mixer.  Caramel ingredients are dissolved and pre-heated in the Kettles.

Recycle loop:

The syrup is pumped from the premix kettles through a recycle loop; Oil is blended and heated in the lecithin tank, and with the process of few other lines it gets to the spray of caramels and produces the tasty caramel popcorns.