The puffed and core filled snack production line is making use of corn flour, rice flour, wheat flour, corn grits as primary raw material and add water, sugar as ingredients. By changing screw, mold, and some additional equipment, it can produce puffed snacks and also core filled snacks. By injecting cream, chocolate, peanut butter, etc. to the extruded hollowed roll to make many flavors of sandwich meals. The puff snack line can produce many shapes of puffed food, such as round, star shape, a ring shape, flower shape, etc.

Size: 5100×1100×2150mm,
Power Consumption: 65kw,
Production Capacity: 200~330kg/h.

Product Process Line: 

Starting from Mixer, the Puff filled snack line automatically feed and extrude the ingredients from twin screw.  The core is filling machine with a Multi-functional shaper that helps you to shape food on the way you want.  Large elevator to moves goods, a Dry and Oil Spraying Flavour line.

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