A chopping machine is a tool that can be used to chop leaves, vegetables, and twigs. It could be used to help farmers during the agriculture and cultivation process of the dumping products, such as corn stalks, rough stems, and rough wheat, and so on. To accelerate farmers' plantation, agricultural land can be prepared immediately for cultivation. Chopped products can be used for animal feed, and human feed as well.

An agriculture belt is attached to a traditional chopping machine that can improve your performance in the agricultural industry during the chopping process. The chopping process is focused on the rotational speed that speeds up their production.

A low-cost chopper machine is for oils, and it was a locally designed machine, it is manufactured and known by a simple chopper machine. This type of chopper machine is specially designed for the small-medium industry and for small householders that can easily run, and afford their house expenses. The performance of this machine was evaluated regarding machine capacity, size of chopped, amount of production of chopped, and chopping blade.

The chopping machine that used in this work.

The main equipment machine which is used in this work is a chopper. It is used and operated by this tractor. Tractor of a four-wheel and standard type of heavy vehicle. The machine is connected with a tractor and power transmitted system.

Chopper machine

A chopper machine is a machine that you can use in your kitchen, and if you are related to industry so you can use it there as well.

Chopper machine is best for chop vegetables, seeds, crushing and liquidize oil, and crushing hard substances.

The engine-driven feed for chopper technology was conducted in the selected medium of industry.

Farmers select based on their interest, innovation that they use feed chopper production and cultivation for their land.

According to the research found that the engine feed Chopper machine is very effective and suitable for traditional chopping. It is recommended to work on further promotion, multiply the production of machines and distribute to smallholders to grow their business and cultivate their land as well.

Chopper uses a manual power of force foods through sharp blades. A process which spins around under the container or a bowl to chop. The chopper machine comes with blades that are suited for processing one type of chop. Choppers are useful to blend foods and vegetables. You can use it in the commercial kitchen.

Many choppers are designed for the specific purpose to produce, like pineapple cores, lettuce cutters, and blooming onion thrives.

Best Chopper machine

For the best chopper machine, you must have to know these factors that can upgrade your industry and their performance as well.

Studied Factors:

The study focused on three main factors which were feeding quantity, cutting quantity, and corn moisture during the chopping process with both modified and non-modified machines.

  1. Three different levels of corn feeding start from 0.67 to 1.56 kg. These values are computed by the average mass of each plant and the level of corn they produce. Due to this value, the feeding quantity of corn was easily identifiable for the industry.

  2. There are five different levels of cutting speed that shits regularly time by time, which is 1200, 1400,1600,1800,2000 rpm. These speeds represent the value of knives that exact the number of count knives takes in minutes or seconds. The value of speed was calculated according to the value of transmission ratio to the gearbox used in transferring the best chopper machine. There are few levels of corn moisture that are considered to be the best. 

  3. The values of tested corn moisture content 73.5 up to 45.11%.

For the best chopper machine, it can be considered one of the most valuable parts which is cutting efficiency.

The modified machine and non-modified machine, increasing the rotational speed of knives which represents the speed of cutting efficiency. It also increases the moisture content of corn and the feeding quantity.

Chopping energy:

The chopping energy increased with increasing the rotational speed of knives at each feeding quantity.

Fuel Consumption:

At each time of feeding level, the fuel consumption increased with increasing the rotational speed of knives. Fuel also increases the level of chopping and rotational speed of knives which causes for the best performance of moving.