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Packing Detergent Powder: The Process and Machinery Involved 

In The Industry of Packing Machines, Sama Engineering Plays a Key Role Detergent powder packing refers to the process of packaging detergent powder into bags or other containers. Detergent powder packing machines are used to automate the process of weighing, filling, and sealing the detergent powder in packaging bags or containers. The process of detergent powder packing involves several stages. First, the detergent powder is accurately weighed to ensure that the correct amount of powder is... Read More

Sealer Machine 

SEALER MACHINE IN PAKISTAN A sealer machine can be a good investment for you and useful as well. It allows you to save whatever you want instead of stocking up or punching. Even in normal times, a sealing machine can extend your food’s life from days or weeks to months. Most people spend a lot of time, money, and effort on groceries, and shopping stuff, if you are anything like us, you are always looking for the best solution to save your food’s life. One of the best and easiest... Read More

Packaging Machinery 

Packaging Machine: Packaging machines are determined as reasonable means of providing protection, identification, preservice, information, containment for a product during storage, carriage, display until the product is not consumed. Packaging protects against climate conditions, physical and chemical hazards, bacteria, and harmful disinfectant things. The packaging has to ensure the stability of the product throughout until dispatch.   Packaging Machine should have provided... Read More

Packaging Companies In Karachi 

All around the globe everything that we are using either in our daily routine or occasionally, either small or big utilities, either technology-based or analog, everything has an actual value and worth when it is packed efficiently before the first time use. However, packaging may varies product to product capacity, size, sensitivity, and many more things to consider about a single product packing. Therefore, the quality, material, and ways of packaging matter a lot for promoting and then... Read More

Sama engineering packaging Company 

Sama engineering packaging Company Sama engineering is independent packaging company with its unique machinery manufacturing design with high quality services, it’s a Pakistan tops most packaging company which deals in food processing, packaging machinery and pharmaceutical solutions. Sama engineering main focus is to provide premium quality services, supplying both transit packaging and point of sale (POS) presented to wide range of industries, Sama has created its own name in... Read More