Sama engineering, the KCCI award-winning, largest exporter of Pakistan has a range of bakery items making machines and processing systems with efficient and effective capabilities ensuring high standards of performance in bakery stuff. Most of the people frequently find health issues using bakery items made by human hands and they trust brands to provide high-quality sweets, bread and breakfast items. We fulfil consumer expectations by providing such bakery machines that make halwa, sweets, nimko, ice creams, bread etc. in an organic and neat manner to serve the society natural preserved tastes as promised by brands. We help brands and companies keeping this trust alive; serving consumers with healthy sweets and breakfast items through well-managed bakery machines. Sama engineering is serving businesses, companies and different firms for several years in machine manufacturing, throughout the Middle East and Asia. Most of the delighted clients are found in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Bangladesh and Pakistan. We are a leading packaging machines and processing systems manufacturing company in an agro-based economy, engaged in making machines that meet European standards. We are adaptive to meet the current requirements of society and creative enough to bring the societies up to international levels.

Series of bakery machines, introduced by Sama engineering include Dough divider rounder machine, halwa making machine, laddu processing machine or laddu making system, namkeen making machine, bread slicer, Dough divider rounder, dough divider rounder Spiral machine, planetary mixer machine to make ice creams, Electric rotary Rack oven to fulfil all baking needs, Halwa machine/Halwa making machine, ganthiya making machine, nimko making machines and Gulab Jaman machine. Sustainable, fast and neat machines that ensure healthy hygiene food to societies. These all machines of bakery series enables bakeries to care about the emotions of consumers.