Pharmaceutical industry being responsible for supplying medicines safely to patients, doctors, hospitals, nurses and others, are more concerned about effective packaging systems. Packaging for Pharma companies is somehow different than other industries, as they are known to be delivering protection, security and comfort to the patients. Innovations are constantly taking place as the packaging of medicines ranges from blow fill seal, syringes pre-filled and sealed, two in one prefilled items, child-resistant packets and snap off ampoules etc. A disciplined packaging has to protect the powder, solid, liquid or any type of drug from an external environment and protect the material’s potency. An efficient packaging machine can ensure the proper and accurate dosage with an international standardized form of covering or wrapping items in bottles, sachets, vials tubes, bags, and ampoules and so on. Pharmaceutical companies render their services to earn trust from end users of medicines with the help of fine packaging and keeping themselves transparent.

Sama Engineering deals with the trust built by Pharma companies and complies with ethical rules of satisfying users of medicines. We manufacture innovative pharmaceutical packaging machines to help build a good company image in international markets. We provide speedy, cost-effective and time-saving setup is necessary to cope up with national and international demand.