SAMA Engineering has been one of the pioneers in machine manufacturing and in different packings and processing lines, Being the pioneer, SAMA Engineering participated in this year’s Food and Tech Asia International Exhibition 2019 which was held from 26th to 28th of April. Showing off their numerous number of packaging machines and processing systems, Revealing the industries about the latest ways of Packaging and Processing System. SAMA displayed above 30 latest packing and processing machines which was highly appreciated and liked by the exhibitors, SAMA always aims to deliver the best to their respective clients which has resulted as their potential growth and made them one of the big fishes of the industry across the country.

We gratefully welcomed all the industries and people related to this field who come to availed the opportunity to witness the recent advancement in the field of packaging machines and processing lines, with all gratitude and veneration SAMA Engineering is thankful to all the people who made this exhibition yet another success and accomplishment.