Shah Sama, an entrepreneur, built his personality as a businessman with own passion, ideas and willingness to gain experience in the mortal world to remain alive ever. He started his professional career by joining Sama Engineering as a director and put forth his ideas to get the organization towards the path of success, modernization and building its brand image. After successful achievement in Sama engineering’s goals, he launched another platform for businesses to gain benefits in virtual terms.

Minibig technologies, a software house and a digital media agency, introduced and established by Shah Sama, started its journey by entertaining many small, medium and large organizations in capturing the digital world and having fruits in the form of clients and profits. While with the marketing, SEO and other digital techniques MBT earned a status, Shah Sama added, a new project to provide the clients with a safe and secure place for domains and web hosting throughout the Middle East. Depending on current political and market situations, the need for a virtual market arose, wisely taking it as an opportunity, he worked on an idea of launching an E-commerce website as a new vast project of Minibig technologies.

Endless ideas, full dedication and enthusiastic nature, drives him to research on needs and convert them to profitable opportunities.

Experience builds a door and success keeps on knocking it.
“Shah Sama”