TP – 150-C Horizontal Single Dates Packaging Machine

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TP – 150 Model of Sama engineering packaging machine has a wide range of sub-models that are used in the packaging of a single item. That item is not limited to any single category of product. TP-150 series of the model can be used for tea, buns, chocolates, soaps, biscuits, rusk, single dates packaging, sweets, candies, tennis balls, tea bundles, tea bags and tea packs packaging, razor packing, indicator, cream outer packaging and so on. All these types of products have the further capability to be packed in different sizes as well as formats.

Salient Features:

Single Date Packaging horizontal machine

Custom Size Pillow format, gusset and Center Seal bag

Imported Parts from reliable supplier countries

Makes bags, fill and seal

Pack up to 250 BPM

Nitrogen Filling to keep food fresh

Single bag cut

Counter meter available

Safe and hazard free

Chain of bags cut

Custom Reel Width

Hygiene approved medically

Photoelectric Sensors

User-Friendly Interface

CE certified


About Single Dates Packaging Machine TP-150 C:

TP-150 C is designed to fulfill the dates of packaging needs. It automatically measures the size, makes bags, does the filling of dates in bags and seals the bags itself. It has the ability to cut the single bag or keep it in chained with packed bags and cut after the required number of bags in the chain. This is done by a reliable photoelectric detecting system.

Formats And Sizes Of Bags:

The packaging of dates is in small bag or pillow form which can be changed as per requirement in other formats including, gusset bag and center seal bags. Dates can be packed with TP-150 c in different sizes of bags easily.


Single date packing machine is in horizontal form. It has the ability to pack up to 250 BPM (bags per minute) consequently, many dates per minute are packed in small sachets. The machine operator can easily change bag size. Reel width has no limit, custom solutions are available for every customer. It has a counter meter as well as the photoelectric sensor. It consumes lower energy and based on European standards. The user-friendly machine does not require training an operator for a longer time.



Polymer and packaging the famous magazine and information source for the plastic & packaging industry, has emerged to be one of the successful news for innovations taking place in international plastic and packaging companies. Sama engineering is the manufacturer of bakery machines & equipment, packaging machines and processing systems, stands first in Pakistan, growing continuously in extensive fields to serve diversified businesses with quality machines. As reported in Polymer and packaging international magazine in its 4th volume, 2nd issue.


“We’re striving to bring new & customized long-lasting automatic machines, for organizations to enable them, serve in standardized hygienic products throughout the world.” – Mr. Shahzad Sama, Managing Partner Of SAMA Engineering.

Parts Used In Machine:

TP-150 C is designed to meet international standards by using parts of reliable supplier countries including, Japan, Korea, Germany, Taiwan, France, and Italy. Sama engineering keeps on switching the suppliers of parts to keep the quality maintained.

TP – 150-C Horizontal Single Date Packaging Machine


This machine is safe and hazards free with user-friendly process & digital system. It makes finished items in a speedy and efficient manner. A hygiene method of packing dates with easy to clean surface. It uses servo-driven technology. Tower light is installed in the machine to keep the machine user-friendly. As it is a machine, it saves time and wastage of materials. Many dates to fulfill market demand can be packed within an hour without any interruption.

Dates packaging machine is durable, made by using GMP (General Manufacturing Practices). The packaging of dates by this machine increases the shelf life of dates and keep dates fresh in packets. This machine is suitable to pack food items as it is hygiene and approved medically. An additional benefit is nitrogen filling that can increase the shelf life by keeping food items fresh after packaging.

CE Certification:

CE stands for European conformity. CE certified products are declared to be safe, secure and unhazardous. Those products meet European health and protection legislation. Sama Engineering’s single date packing machine is CE certified. Amongst all packaging machines manufacturers of Pakistan, only Sama engineering has CE certification.

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