Dates Chopping Machine Introduced By Sama Engineering


Dates chopping machine, introduced by Sama Engineering is horizontal and helpful in making small pieces of dates quickly. It has used 304 stainless steel, which is easy to wipe and easy to clean. It uses circular knife group, twisted dragon knife and powder equipment. It has large capacity to chop several dates and works efficiently. An automatic user friendly machine that doesn’t require much efforts of operator. This machine is designed a way that is suitable for high sugar content, having sticky knife to cut fruits, including, apple pulp, apricot, strawberries, pear preserved hawthorn, hippophae rhamnoides, raisins, dried haitang, dates etc.

Sama Engineering’s dates chopping machine can chop up to 500 Kgs per hours. It can chop in these sizes, 3*3mm, 4*4mm, 5*5mm, 8*8mm and 10*10mm. dimensions are, 1800*700*100mm. Suitable for preserved fruits. Hazard free CE certified.

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Dates Chopping Machine Introduced By Sama Engineering Specifications

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