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Every country or region is famous for something special as traditional clothing, festival, food, or anything that becomes a reason for inspiration among the people all around the world. Nimco is among the extremely famous snacks especially in South Asian countries as a time pass munching snack. It has a huge range of varieties available easily at the nimco centers or bakeries all around the country. They are salty and spicy. It is liked and preferred by almost 90% of the population of the country.


There are many famous bakeries from where people especially love to buy their preferred nimcos to fulfill their nimco cravings. Furthermore, it is made by using the very few ingredients that include gram flour, pulses, salt, and some amazingly aromatic spices that actually enhance its flavor and make it mouth-watering. Nimco comes in various varieties that are as follows, 

Nylon sev, Ratlami sev, Champakali, Daal sev, Fulavadi, Ompud, Papd, Gathai, Chewrha, Daal papad, Papad, Bhujia and etc


For its production on a large scale, industries working for its special manufacturing that produces different varieties of nimco daily in a bulk quantity that supplies to the entire region to fulfill the demand. However, such industries with time and technology innovations switch to automatic machines for its production from manual production. This switch has remarkably brought a brilliant and positive change regarding the growth of the business of nimco. Moreover, the efficiency, quality, and quality all increase with this change.


Sama Engineering is one of the leading companies in Pakistan that is popular due to its providing unconditional hardworking services for packaging and the best-manufactured machines related to food processing and every kind of product packaging machine.


Nimco making and Nimco Packing Machine are among all of the collection Sama Engineering has designed and manufactured for the industrial use for their better business growth. These two machines are automatic and have exceptional quality features that enable the work to be more efficient and genuine.


Packing Machine is used to pack nimco for several kinds of nimco snacks with best quality packing and to maintain its hygienic quality inside the packet at a calculated speed and accuracy.


Nimco Packing Machine is designed in such a way that it can easily pack the nimco in multiple ways as per the demand of the brand or company that varies by size and weight in proper airtight packaging material for the maintenance of the product’s hygiene and also for the safety of the product so that its taste and quality remains fresh for a long time.