As the world is now getting loaded with more and more technology-based accessories, it is not wrong to say that it is also getting badly affected by its side effects in terms of numerous deadly diseases. This is the reason pharmaceutical industries are getting a higher popularity rate with time.


Pharmaceutical industries are responsible for making numerous valuable medicines and vaccines for all kinds of illnesses or diseases.


These pharmaceutical industries are manufacturing medicines on a large scale daily. It is a matter of living being’s life or death, therefore, it is the most responsible and genuine business that is always up to the mark and on point at every step.


Sama Engineering is leading among all the huge and heavy machine manufacturers in Pakistan as the number one quality manufacturer of packaging and food processing machines. All high-quality and highly useful machines are available at Sama.


Medicines manufacturing-related machines are also introduced by Sama. Furthermore, Blister Packing Machine is one of the most useful machines designed by Sama engineering among all of the collection it already has. This machine is specially designed for the packing of the tablets, capsules, and other medicines to provide hygienic safety to the medicines.

Blisters are the aluminum-coated films, its layers form the blister packaging for the medicines and packed the medicines in an airtight environment to maintain its freshness and keep it safe from dirt and other germs that lead to damage the medicine.


These Blisters are specially designed for medicine’s protection to help the patients by providing them its the safest drugs for their treatment. Moreover, this machine works efficiently and obtains the daily target on time in a bulk quantity and as it is automatic in nature hence, it uses very little labor that is the main advantage industries are thankful for.