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  • Production capacity :

  • Weight of machine :

  • Cutting frequency :

  • Max shaping areas & depth(mm) :

  • Stroke(mm) :

    20-120( can be manufactured as user,s requirement)
  • Standard sheet(mm) :

    8*57(can be manufactured as user,s requirement)
  • Total power :

    380V/220V 50Hz 3.2 Kw
  • Pvc hard pieces(mm) :

  • Ptp aluminum foil(mm) :

  • Dialysis paper(mm) :

  • Mould cooling :

    Tap water or back water


It is suitable for packing capsule, tablet, big honey pill, candy, liquid, ampoule, syringe, facial mask...

Industry: Pharmacy, Healthcare, Foodm, Cosmetics, Medical Equipment Industry, etc.
Packed Products: Capsule, Tablet, Big Honey Pill, Candy, Liquid, Paste, Syringe, Facial Mask and Other Irregular Shape
Packing: Al-plastic Package

1.The machine DPB250 Pharmaceutical Automatic Capsule Blister Packing Machine  is a latest high-precision medicine packing machine in current pharmacy industry.
2.It is widely used for capsule, tablet, honey pills in pharmaceutical industry, for milk tablet, candy, chocolate in food industry, for injector, syringes, pins, small component etc. in electron or hardware industry as all kind of shapes of AL-AL,AL-Plastic, paper-plastic combined sealing packing.

1. The material is fed automatically. The mould and feeding equipment can be designed as user’s requirements.
2. Travel scope can be adjusted. Mould is located by located groove so that it’s easy to change mould. The machine heats the PVC through conduction and forms it through pressing and frothing. 
3. The equipment of trace pressing, batch number printing and scrap-collecting can be chose.
4. The heating moulds will automatically separate when the machine stops, which contributes to protect the material between them and extend the machine’s life. 
5. Manipulator grip and tow wrapper, straight to-and-fro running, synchronize accurately and stably. 
6. Speed is shifted by step-less transducer; the operation panel of PC cycle (can be Adopt interface of human-machine).

Machine Detail:

The Product is specially designed for hospital dosage room,laboratory institute,health care product,middle-small pharmacy factory and featured by compact machine boby,easy operation multi function stroke adjustable long durability etc,it is suitable for Alu-PVC package of medicine,food,electric

Parts etc.       

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