Direct Puff/Core-Filled Snack Line

Direct puff and core-filled snack use wheat flour, bean powder, tuber crops material, vegetable powder as the raw material. Via the effect of extrusion machine, to produce multiple types, different shapes, crispy and tasty snack. Due to it is a profitable project with less investment, It won the clients trust and favor.

Parts of Direct Puff/Core-Filled Snack Line

Direct Puff/Core-Filled Snack Line

Techinical Specifications

  • Power supply:

  • Filling volume:

  • Production Capacity:

  • Measurement Accuracy:

  • Tube Size Applicable:

  • Power Consumption:

  • Gas Supply Pressure:

  • Working Temperature:

  • Size:

  • Core Bore:

  • Weight of Machine:

  • L Shape Conveyor:

  • Fill Range:

  • Fill Accuracy:

  • Speed:

  • Type of Machine:

  • Weight Range:

  • Max. Speed:

  • Hopper Volume:

  • Monitor:

  • Magnetic field strength (GS):

  • Input voltge:

  • Output voltge:

  • Initial current:

  • Thermal balance current:

  • Horizontal type vibrator:

  • Intensity of magnetic field:

  • Cooling way:

  • Denagnetizing way:

  • Excitation magnetic power:

  • Voltage:

  • Frequency:

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