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Sealing Machines are the red hot items that are sold by Sama Engineering.

No production is completed unless there is sufficient packing for it. The product can’t be sold right away after it is delivered. It has to be kept safe, and for that, you need a medium, and that medium can be nothing but an excellent sealed packing. You may have access to any sealing machine just too quickly, but certainly, you wouldn’t get to see the quality machines that Sama Engineering has to offer. We are not saying that we deliver quality on our own; you are always... Read More

Kurkure Machine

Snacks are the most liked eatery, especially among children. Probably the most popular in Pakistan. It is an item that is sold 24/7. Given the demand, it is highly needed that this item is produced at a very high rate. And for this purpose, you need machines that are capable of carrying the burden of huge production on its shoulders. Sama Engineering is doing the job just right for you. Because no one can understand the importance of snacks better than we do, and most of the industries have... Read More

Spice Packing Machines

Packing spices is a very difficult task. Handling the tiny light-weight grains that often fly away into the air, it is very likely that a lot of the spices are wasted in just gathering them and having them processed in the machine so they can be packed up. This task is disturbing to many as it includes intense labor work and just a slight mistake can make you redo everything, moreover, if some fraction of the spices is lost then it directly results in the loss of your investment, and this kind... Read More

Introduction to Milk Packing Machine

Milk is among those products around the globe that is the most demanding and valuable product for everyday use. People in both east and west used to buy milk to fulfill their and their family’s diet needs. It is the product that is consumed by every age group living being. Since it is considered a delicate product because its freshness is quite temporary special the liquid ones. On the order hand, the powdered milk is also protected until it’s packed safely. Therefore, like every... Read More

Introduction to Snack Processing System

Sama Engineering is always busy in producing some top-quality food processing machines. This is why it is so well known in the industry. Because our mission is to turn impossible into possible. And we are always keen to bring innovation in the machines so everything can be done efficiently and quickly while giving out the best quality. So, if we ever receive any complaint regarding the machine then we have to restructure our whole strategy. Only because we can’t compromise on the quality.... Read More