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Sama Engineering is Participating in Karachi Expo Center, Pakistan.

  SAMA Engineering, a leading packaging machines, and processing system manufacturer is participating in this year’s food Tech Asia 2018 from 10 to 12 April 2018. Showing off their explicit number of packaging machines and processing systems, Exposing the industries about the latest ways of Packaging and Processing System. The SAMA company was founded in 1978 by Mr. Muhammad Umer Sama to provide complete solutions to FMCG sectors.... Read More

Introduction of Popcorn Production Line – Snack Processing Systems

This production line is a whole automatic process line for expanding American corn granule into different shapes, learned from American advanced technology, combine high temperature and hot air circulation system to make high heat efficiency, low production cost, easy operation, then get perfect popcorn, after coating caramel, the taste is very popular with all kinds of people. This popcorn production equipment line uses forward expelling technology by Sama manufacturing process, can... Read More

Introduction of Direct Puff and Core-Filled Snack Line

  The puffed and core filled snack production line is making use of corn flour, rice flour, wheat flour, corn grits as primary raw material and add water, sugar as ingredients. By changing screw, mold, and some additional equipment, it can produce puffed snacks and also core filled snacks. By injecting cream, chocolate, peanut butter, etc. to the extruded hollowed roll to make many flavors of sandwich meals. The puff snack line can produce many shapes of puffed food, such as... Read More

Dates Deseeding Machine Introduced by Sama Engineering

  Dates Deseeding Machine Introduced by Sama Engineering Date seed removing machine of Sama Engineering is suitable for several fruits including, dates, plum, olive, hawthorn and so on. A convenient solution for consumers to use pit free fruits. Having different molds and a flexible system to fit with every type of product. New technology making the deseeding process faster, efficient and easy to operate. Dates pitting machine has high integrity flesh rate. Equipment is... Read More

Dates Chopping Machine Introduced By Sama Engineering

  Dates Chopping Machine Introduced By Sama Engineering   Dates chopping machine, introduced by Sama Engineering is horizontal and helpful in making small pieces of dates quickly. It has used 304 stainless steel, which is easy to wipe and easy to clean. It uses circular knife group, twisted dragon knife and powder equipment. It has large capacity to chop several dates and works efficiently. An automatic user friendly machine that doesn’t require much efforts of... Read More