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Who helped Pakistan’s Famous Brand in launching their “Recipe Mix Product” globally?

It was in 1981 when the founder of SHAAN FOODS Mr. Sultan noticed that people used to buy spices separately for cooking, due to which the food could not taste the same every time and also save money. While thinking about this issue, he thought that why not launch a product in which the spices used to cook each dish come in a single packet and people can mix the recipe according to the dish they want to cook. This would allow consumers to mix the recipe to suit the food they are cooking, saving... Read More

The Future of Packaging Machines: 10 Sustainable Solutions for 2024 and Beyond

Introduction: In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and environmental consciousness, the future of packaging machines is taking a transformative leap towards sustainability. As industries worldwide are increasingly adopting eco-friendly practices, the packaging sector is no exception. In this article, we explore seven sustainable solutions that are set to shape the future of packaging machines, with a focus on their impact in Pakistan and the rise of innovative startups in the... Read More

Pakistani Packaging Startup Success: Sama Engineering's Collaborative Ventures Case Study

In the dynamic landscape of startups in Pakistan, Sama Engineering has emerged as a beacon of success, particularly in the realm of packaging solutions. This case study delves into the journey of Sama Engineering, highlighting their collaborative ventures, consultancy and contributions to the FMCG industry. As we explore the success story, we'll also examine the role of cutting-edge technology, such as packing machines and pharmaceutical solutions and how Sama Engineering has positioned itself... Read More

From Start to Finish: Understanding the Packaging Process with Machine Systems

In today's rapidly evolving industrial landscape, the packaging process plays a vital role in ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of products to consumers worldwide. With the advent of advanced packaging machinery, this crucial aspect of manufacturing has been revolutionized to uptodate operations from start to finish. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the packaging process, exploring its intricate details with cutting-edge machine systems, including cartoner packaging... Read More

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Packaging Machinery

Packaging machinery plays a crucial role in various industries, including food, beverage, and manufacturing. With advancements in technology, one particular innovation has revolutionized the field: artificial intelligence (AI). In this blog post, we will explore how AI is transforming the packaging machinery landscape, focusing on specific applications such as dal packing machine in Pakistan, milk packaging machine, coffee packaging machine, and horizontal packing machine. Enhancing Efficiency... Read More