What is a Blister Cartoner Packaging Machine?

A blister cartoner packaging machine is an automatic equipment used to package solid items, capsules, and tablets.

It helps in the packaging of tablets and capsules, among other products, in blister packages prior to the secondary carton box.

Uses of a Blister Cartoner Packaging Machine

A blister cartoner packaging machine is to used to enclose the blister package in a carton.

The factors that include to enclosing the blister package among others, include:

·  Product Protection

The container will protect the blister packages from external damage, ensuring their safety.

·  Easy Product Transportation

Packaging and organizing the products in cartons makes it easy to transport them from one location to another.

·  Time-Saving

The blister cartoning machine allows packaging the blister packets into cartons at high speed which results in saving time.

·  Handles a Variety of Products

As long as the product is in a blister package, the blister cartoning machine will carton it.

It enables you to safely handle various types of items and package them in multiple carton sizes.

Average Speed of Blister Cartoner Packaging Machine

The speed of the blister packing machine differs depending on the type of machine used. Fully automatic blister cartoning machines have extremely fast cartoning speeds and can function at an advanced speed of 100 cartons per minute on average.

How Does the Blister Cartoning Machine Work?

  • The cartoning process is started from the empty carton storeroom.
  • The machine will sequentially pick or suction the boxes one by one from the storeroom.
  • As it picks up the cartons, it sends them to the folding station, where the machine folds them.
  • Remember that the machine was programmed at the start of the production process.

At this point, the tooling system will respond to the control panel's program. It will fold the cartons to the shape and size that you require.

  • Depending on the type of carton, the machine will then use adhesive to seal the sides of the carton.
  • The cartons will next be moved on the conveyor belt to the product fitment stage.
  • Once reaching the product fitting stage, it will meet the products from the blister packing equipment.
  • It will then shut the entrance after inserting the blister packets inside the cartons.
  • The final procedure includes printing the carton properly to improve its identity.

Parts of Blister Cartoning Machine

There are various parts and sections to assist Blister Cartoning Machine to give the best performance and results.

The key sections and parts of machines include:

Control Panel

The control panel is used to program the blister cartoning machine according to specific product specifications.

Electric Motors and Panels

It controls the power system that supplies electric power to the complete machine.

System of Lubrication

To prevent the machine from corrosion and excessive friction, the lubrication system will supply oil or grease to all moving parts.

Carton Tooling Solution

The sizes and forms of the cartons will be determined by the blister cartoning machine's tooling system.

It will cut and shape them according to the requirements displayed on the machine's control panel.

Printers that use ink

Ink-jet printers are in charge of putting product details on boxes to improve their identity.

System of Security

The safety system includes sensors, among other features, to increase the security of the blister cartoning machine.

Industries that Use the Blister Cartoner Packaging Machine

In this modern age, almost every industry uses the blister cartoning machine to increase productivity. Some major industries include:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food Processing Industry to package biscuits and pastries among others
  • Nutraceutical Industry
  • Cosmetics Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Blister packaging machine