Toasting, Drying and Expanding Snacks Processing Systems by Sama Engineering


Toasting, Drying and Expanding Snacks Processing Systems by Sama Engineering

Chips and snacks are not foods but a meal of refreshment and joy for consumers. Snacks being consumed highly, is available in huge verities. Brands strive to provide consumers with the best quality snacks that contain natural taste and proper ingredients. Consumers are sometimes not entertained properly due to processing errors of chips and snacks. Cutting, slicing, heating, frying and ingredients combination or mixing, mostly cause tasteless, burnt and off the shape snacks. While preferring any branded snacks over unbranded, consumers expect higher quality and tasty snacks. Sama Engineering provides brands, a complete processing system that can meet customer requirements in a very professional way to give valuable chips/snacks to spend money on. Snacks processing machines are designed with proper concentration on managed systems and timers to keep snacks in proper size, fresh, tasty and no extra mixtures or ingredients on it. Wetting till continuous fryer, every step keeps material on level that can be trusted by clients for normal usage, events or parties.

Processing systems of Sama Engineering starts with material screening to ensure snacks does not contain any extra or rough items. Second step is wetting process in a suitable quantity and method. Third step of snacks processing system helps in slicing and cutting the material equally to give it beautiful look. Fourth step has machine to dry in predefined heat and speed. Finally chips are fried and flavoured. Machines of Sama Engineering involved in process include material screening machine, material wetting machine, extrusions, cutting machine, drying machine, frying and flavouring machine.

Sama engineering is serving businesses, companies and different firms for several years in machine manufacturing, throughout Middle East and Asia. Most of the delighted clients are found in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Bangladesh and Pakistan. We are a leading packaging machines and processing systems manufacturing company in an agro based economy, engaged in making machines that meet European standards. We are adaptive to meet current requirements of society and creative enough to bring the societies up to international levels.