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Mixer Machine 

Mixer Machine: Several processes can ease your work and lessen the tension that you face. Including vast space of dispersion of all ingredients, blending them, hydration of the foods, and development of the gluten into protein in the food. Mixing machine tools is interchangeable tools suitable for a value of tools, including cookie, dough, cakes, cream, concrete, cement, chemical, and fabrications. Mixer Machine is a vital part of any architecture and its process. A mixer... Read More
Series of Processing Line Machines | Sama Engineering | Blog

Chopping Machine 

A chopping machine is a tool that can be used to chop leaves, vegetables, and twigs. It could be used to help farmers during the agriculture and cultivation process of the dumping products, such as corn stalks, rough stems, and rough wheat, and so on. To accelerate farmers' plantation, agricultural land can be prepared immediately for cultivation. Chopped products can be used for animal feed, and human feed as well. An agriculture belt is attached to a traditional chopping... Read More
Series of Processing Line Machines | Sama Engineering | Blog

Toasting, Drying and Expanding Snacks Processing Systems by Sama Engineering 

Chips and snacks are not foods but a meal of refreshment and joy for consumers. Snacks being consumed highly is available in huge verities. Brands strive to provide consumers with the best quality snacks that contain natural taste and proper ingredients. Consumers are sometimes not entertained properly due to processing errors of chips and snacks. Cutting, slicing, heating, frying and ingredients combination or mixing, mostly cause tasteless, burnt and of the shape snacks. While preferring any... Read More
Series of Processing Line Machines | Sama Engineering | Blog

Automated Bakery Items Making Machines By Sama Engineering 

  Sama engineering, the KCCI award-winning, largest exporter of Pakistan has a range of bakery items making machines and processing systems with efficient and effective capabilities ensuring high standards of performance in bakery stuff. Most of the people frequently find health issues using bakery items made by human hands and they trust brands to provide high-quality sweets, bread and breakfast items. We fulfil consumer expectations by providing such bakery machines that make halwa,... Read More