Sama Engineering has been in the FMCG sector for the past 40 years and has produced a wide range of packaging machines. One of the many machines that stand out for its popularity and perfection is the Horizontal Packing Machine (TP 150 – C), the perfect machine for the perfect packaging of your daily use breakfast goods.

This machine is mainly used for packaging bread, rusk, bun, chocolate, sweets, biscuit, moon cake, ice cream. Not just that, it is also used for packaging card, wet tissue, spoon, toothbrush, soap, scourer ball, hardware, commodity and the products with regular shape and non-sticky products.

The machine operate efficiently with a power supply of 40v divided in to three phases, 50 Hz each.

The overall power consumption of the machine is 4KW, with a high speed which enables it to package a maximum of 120 bags per minute. The bag is shaped into a pillow horizontal bag of any material which is heat sealable. The machine has a maximum reel diameter of 350 mm. and the dimensions 900 W/ 3600 L/ 1800 H mm.

Key features of Horizontal Packaging Machine (TP 150 – C)

  • Dual frequency conversion
  • Bag length can be set and cut in one step
  • Self-fault diagnosis with clear fault display.
  • High efficiency-packing.
  • Steady performance
  • Convenient operation and maintenance
  • Low-rate of fault.
  • Can continuously work for a long time.
  • Can synchronize with printing the production date.

Some of the leading bread and rusk manufacturing brands are using the horizontal flow packaging machine which includes Meji, Fulkoli and Quality etc. because we believe in providing the best quality machines throughout the world.