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Dates Chopping Machine Introduced By Sama Engineering 

  Dates Chopping Machine Introduced By Sama Engineering   Dates chopping machine, introduced by Sama Engineering is horizontal and helpful in making small pieces of dates quickly. It has used 304 stainless steel, which is easy to wipe and easy to clean. It uses circular knife group, twisted dragon knife and powder equipment. It has large capacity to chop several dates and works efficiently. An automatic user friendly machine that doesn’t require much efforts... Read More

Vertical Dates Packaging Machine SUS-101-MHW 

Vertical Dates Packaging Machine SUS-101-MHW   For buy this Machine Contact Us SUS-101-MHW Model of Sama engineering packaging machine has a wide range of sub-models that are used in the packaging of the single item. That item is not limited to any single category of product. SUS-101-MHW series of the model can be used for packing spices (masala), dates, biscuits, chips, milk, pulses, rice etc. this machine is helpful in making several pouches at a time. All these types... Read More

Toasting, Drying and Expanding Snacks Processing Systems by Sama Engineering 

Chips and snacks are not foods but a meal of refreshment and joy for consumers. Snacks being consumed highly is available in huge verities. Brands strive to provide consumers with the best quality snacks that contain natural taste and proper ingredients. Consumers are sometimes not entertained properly due to processing errors of chips and snacks. Cutting, slicing, heating, frying and ingredients combination or mixing, mostly cause tasteless, burnt and of the shape snacks. While preferring any... Read More

Automated Bakery Items Making Machines By Sama Engineering 

  Sama engineering, the KCCI award-winning, largest exporter of Pakistan has a range of bakery items making machines and processing systems with efficient and effective capabilities ensuring high standards of performance in bakery stuff. Most of the people frequently find health issues using bakery items made by human hands and they trust brands to provide high-quality sweets, bread and breakfast items. We fulfil consumer expectations by providing such bakery machines that make halwa,... Read More

Pharmaceutical Industry: Medicines Safe Packing 

Pharmaceutical industry being responsible for supplying medicines safely to patients, doctors, hospitals, nurses and others, are more concerned about effective packaging systems. Packaging for Pharma companies is somehow different than other industries, as they are known to be delivering protection, security and comfort to the patients. Innovations are constantly taking place as the packaging of medicines ranges from blow fill seal, syringes pre-filled and sealed, two in one prefilled items,... Read More