Potato Chips & French Fries Line

Potato Chips & French Fries Line

Application: It can produce compound and fresh potato chips and sticks.


capacity :


Size 40 to 60 mm :

400 Kg-2000 kg

Edible oil - Palm oil :

35 Kg/hr-140 Kg/hr

Flavors - depends :

6 - 8 Kg/hr-30 kg/hr

Space :

30 X 6 X 5 meters 40 x 6 x 5 meters 48 x 6 x 5 meters 55 x 8 x 6 meters

Model :




It can produce compound and fresh potato chips and sticks.


This process line is to produce fresh fried potato chips or French fries, from washing & peeling potato chips, then using different knives make into flat or wave shape potato chips or stick shape, then blanching, drying, and frying and flavoring to make into tasty potato chips or French fries.

Machine Advantages:

Productive: Automated systems for controlled and consistent production on a continuous basis, easy and quick product changeover, automated startup, simple cleaning and maintenance procedures.

Flexible Formula: Processing of a wide range of raw materials, such as corn, wheat, rice, potato, oat etc;

Wide Application: Easy adaptation to extend the range of products by changing the segments screw; 

Smart Control System: PLC Control of production to ensure optimized process parameters for each recipe;

Advanced Die and Cutting system:  These designs give processors an entirely new set of templates to create innovative shapes and sizes such as Balls, animals, stars, rings, pillows, triangles, curls, chips, sticks, and also letters;  

High-Quality Potato Chips / French Fries Making Machine adopts an advanced extruding technique which can extrude kinds of snack food, leisure food with different textures and tastes out of double-screw extruder at the same time. It can produce a variety of extruded food which is popular in the market, such as puffed food, extrusion food fragrant chicken, core-filling rolls, crispy stick chips, etc.

By changing moulds and assistant equipment, it can also produce nutritional powder, grain gruel and many other leisure snacks in different snack shapes.