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Static & Dynamic Pass through Box


Static pass boxes are used to transfer materials between two rooms of equal cleanliness levels and are designed for minimal personnel movement while dynamic pass boxes are used to transfer materials from uncontrolled to controlled environments.


220 / 230 Volts

Hour Meter, Fluorescent light, UV light, Electromagnet for door interlocking, Buzzer and Indicator lampspo

SS 304

electrical interlocked

Tempered Glass

Stainless Steel w/ 95% down to 5 ? Efficiency (EU-4 Rating.)

Aluminum w/ 99.999% down to 0.001 ? (EU-14 Rating.)

Branded Heavy duty



The clean room static pass box adopts SUS304 stainless steel as the material for interior, and cold rolled steel or SUS304 for exterior product body and the two doors. Meanwhile, the product is equipped with the ultraviolet lamp. It can get the ideal sterilization effect. In addition, the embedded type installation of ultraviolet lamp can reduce the contact possibility of delivered articles and ultraviolet lamp tube to ensure safe use.

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