Clients Bags

  • Dimension :

    970*680*1600 (mm)
  • Production capacity :

  • Weight of machine :

    285 KG
  • Weight range :

  • Power :

    0.375 kw


French Baguettes Moulder is suitable for long sandwiches, hot dog rolls, submarine rolls, long shaped breads and various types of French loaves. ‚Äč

Machine Detail:

After division of the dough following the mixing process, with most doughs it is necessary to leave the dough to rest to ensure best moulding or rounding process.

Unlike the basic solution to leave the dough to rest on a bench or trays in racks, proofing in a manual proofer offers many advantages.

The main asset is space saving.  In a limited space, it is possible to store up to 400 dough balls. This space saving is even more important when the moulder is placed on the top of the proofer.

Another asset is comfort compared to the solution of placing on trays which are stored on a trolley. The operator does not have to bend down to place and take out the heavy trays on the trolley. The operator has all dough pieces at working level providing ideal ergonomics for this process. 

Lastly, in terms of hygiene and respect of the dough; the dough pieces do not get a skin, unlike the solution that places them on a table or work unit.

 The operator picks up the dough pieces divided thanks to the hydraulic divider and places them manually in the proofer. Depending on the model purchased,  the operator can put 6 to 10 dough pieces per pocket and some can have as many as 40 pockets. After the desired resting time, the

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