Clients Bags

  • Speed :

    60-85 cartons/min
  • Packaging material :

    Any Heat Sealable
  • Bag shapes :

  • Power supply :

    220V – 50Hz
  • Power consumption :

    0.75 KW
  • Air consumption :

  • Dimension :

  • Weight of machine :

    1400 Kg

This machine is suitable for packing AL/PL Blister, bottle, Pillow Type Bags and other related similar content compact automatic leaflet folding, box opening and loading, batch number embossing as well as sealing technology processes. (Options hot-glue device extra)
The machine adopts PLC Control. Optical detect every part of the machine. The machine will stop automatically and trouble display when machine running exceptional in order to solving trouble in time. This machine can be used separately and also connect with Blister Packaging Machine online.
Capacity and Characteristic:
1)        Continuous mechanical feeding materials and carton, and working of each function part are in harmony, stable and reliable.
2)        When material do not reach correct position, the pusher has an alarm and half facility for that, in order to ensure good quality of carton packaging and safety in operation effectively.
3)        Constantly moving carton-opening mechanism and pulling carton-opening mechanism are more stable and reliable.
4)        Vibrating material categorizing and feeding mechanism is stable and reliable.
5)        Half facility for air pressure and vacuum protection, when caster opened, the halt facility will be checked automatically for operating safety of the machine.
6)        It is easy, convenient and quick to change and adjust product size by hand wheel on instrument panel.
7)        Variable frequency speed regulation, PLC automatic control, Operating on the touch screen, words and numeric display, easy to operate, stable coefficients in operation.
8)        Overload protection for principal driving, indication of failure diagnosis, and automatic halt of failure
1)        Rejection automatically if no product, nonstandard height or lack of leaflet.
2)        Stop automatically if incorrect position of products into carton.
3)        Stop automatically if no cartons or out of leaflet continues.
4)        Easy to change to different products.
5)        Protecting automatically for overloading.
6)        Automatically display device for speed and finished products counting.

Machine Detail:

This machine is high technology product incorporates of pneumatic-photo-electro-mechanic. It is suitable for inserting blister, bars, pillow wrapped products, pharmaceutical products and food similar package into carton in a range. The machine finishes running by a series of photo-electro controller to make the machine stability and guarantee the packing quality. It includes canton suction and open, products put into, printing batch number, sealing carton with tuck-in or hot melt glue device.

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