Snack Pellets Processing Systems

Snack pellets are intermediate products that never expand and are made with cereals, potatoes or vegetable powders. These items are semi-finished goods which are generally sold to snack manufacturers. These manufacturers then process semi-finished items using hot air baking, frying etc. with some taste ingredients and make it ready to eat snacks. Read More

Extrusion Systems Production Line of Snack Pellets

Extrusion systems production line of snack pellets is used for a wide variety of raw materials such as potato starch, potato powder, tapioca, wheat flour, etc. Through JY-extrusion machine can get the maker many impressive snack pellets shapes, as it has ability to change the die, such as shells, screws, rings, tubes (third generation pellets) or chips, wheels, flowers, etc. The extruded pellets become attractive snack food after the process of frying and flavouring. Read More

Twist Snack Production Line

Twist snack production line is fit for making the corn snack in stick shape but irregularly. The raw material is corn granule.After the main machin to get the shape.there are two ways for continuous pricessing for choise.One way is by deep frying, anther way is by hot air drying.The products is nealry the “Cheetos” or “Kukure” snack in the market.   Read More

Beans & Peanuts Processing Production Line

Beans & peanuts processing production line can make different kinds of legumes such as peanuts and beans etc. Either peanuts or beans can be made into various delicate snack foods whose surface is fully or partially coated with powders of different tastes and they are roasted to get desirable expansion. This production line is reasonably designed, conveniently operated and with wide processing scale. Read More

Direct Puff/Core-Filled Snack Line

Direct puff and core-filled snack use wheat flour, bean powder, tuber crops material, vegetable powder as the raw material. Via the effect of extrusion machine, to produce multiple types, different shapes, crispy and tasty snack. Due to it is a profitable project with less investment, It won the clients trust and favor. Read More

  • Direct Puff/Core-Filled Snack Line

Breakfast Cereal/Corn Flake Line

2D&3D; Pellet/Fryum Line

Cheetos/Kurkure/Nik Nak Line

Doritos/Tortilla/Corn Chip Line

Bread Crumb/Panko/Tempura Line

Fried Wheat Flour Line

Pet Food/Animal Feed Line

Potato Chips/French Fries Line

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